Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

A hydrogen fuel cell converts hydrogen gas (H2) and oxygen (O2) into electricity through a controlled chemical reaction. Within the fuel cell's membrane electrode assembly (MEA), hydrogen molecules are oxidized at the anode, releasing protons (H+) and electrons (e^-). Protons move through a proton-conducting electrolyte, usually a polymer membrane, to the cathode, while electrons flow through an external circuit, producing electrical power. At the cathode, oxygen molecules from the air react with protons and electrons to form water (H2O) as a byproduct, completing the electrochemical process. Hydrogen fuel cells offer advantages such as high efficiency, zero emissions (with water as the only byproduct), and quiet operation. Functions through the electrochemical interaction of hydrogen and oxygen, enabling the generation of electrical power, representing a zero-emission energy conversion mechanism.


→  The core component of a hydrogen fuel cell, comprising a proton-exchange membrane, anode catalyst layer, and cathode catalyst layer.

→  The electrode where hydrogen gas is oxidized, releasing protons and electrons.

→  The electrode where oxygen gas reacts with protons and electrons to produce water.

→  A proton-conducting membrane, facilitating the transport of protons between the anode and cathode.

→  Porous layers adjacent to the electrodes that facilitate gas diffusion and water management.

→  Conductive plates that distribute reactant gases and provide electrical connections between individual cells in a fuel cell stack.

→  A collection of individual fuel cells connected in series or parallel to increase power output.

→  Various methods for storing hydrogen, including compressed gas tanks, liquid hydrogen tanks, and solid-state hydrogen storage materials.

→  Heat management system to regulate temperature within the fuel cell stack and prevent overheating.

→  Includes pumps, valves, and controllers for managing reactant flow rates, pressure, and overall system operation.